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Replying to LO6597 -- was: Brain-writing on Leadership

Just exactly the point of John Dewey in 1905 and W. Edward Deming in 1955,
and again, Thinking and doing, doing and thinking. The class structure of
the American Factory ( Education and the cult of efficiency ) set up a
system of the bosses ( English and German ) telling the workers ( Southern
and Eastern European and rural immigrants ) how to.. in every detail. In
Taylor's example the pig iron handler benefits from the time and motion
study. Schools were (are) set up as factories to socialize workers in the
boring tasks of factory work. The owners children went to New Trier,
Scarsdale, Shaker Hights, or the top level to Philips, Yale and the White
House ( George Walker Prescott Bush ) The middle class Forman - teachers
transmitted the bosses orders. Management systems are not just the latest
fad in theory, or resource management but the servants of ruling

Julie Beedon said:

>I would say that my definition of learning would included doing I
>find it most helpful to model learning as as cyclic pattern which
>moves through doing and includes reflection on what we did and
>what the consequences were and how they match our intentions and
>our previous paterns of doing etc... not as naval gazing or
>avoiding doing but to learn whilst doing...


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