Spirited Debate on LO LO6653

Fri, 12 Apr 1996 21:51:07 -0400

Replying to LO6587 --

A rebuttal or amplification on a message dated 96-04-12 18:13:31 EDT,
in which you write:

>It is incorrect, IMHO, to tell them they are arrogant as if it is the
>TRUTH! Hal mistakes his ASSESSMENT of arrogance as a fact. It is only
>his interpretation. I suggest Hal be rigorous with himself about what is
>fact. Perhaps he could instead state his opinion (in a spirited way) but
>also own that it is only his opinion and disclose why he says what he says
>and show us what his opinion leads us to that is a more powerful
>interpretation. This is something I am still learning to do and it
>respects that everyone does not see the world the same as me.


You mistake me and mistate the logic. If the word "arrogant" has a
meaning then I can confidently ask: (remember I said " ...in fact..." and

Given a statement IS arrogant, whether it is beneficial or wrong to state
that an instant statement meets this definition or meaning of arrogance.

I did not assert that any particular statement WAS arrogant, only that,
hypothetically, there ARE arrogant statements, an existence proof required
if we accept that there is a MEANING to the word arrogant.

I neither supplied nor implied a metric regarding "arrogant" that would
support your assertion that I was speaking of my "...ASSESSMENT..." -
instead I was refering to a hypothetical FACT.

Margaret, I'm truly not attempting to present gymnastics here. I am
asking that if a statement IS (factually) arrogant (not by some opinion or
assessment but IS arrogant) what are the problems with pointing this FACT
out and what are the balancing problems of NOT pointing it out?

Please let me quote myself with emphasis added:

"If a statement made by a person posting here is, in FACT, arrogant -
HYPOTHETICALLY - how is it incorrect to tell them? "

Does the emphasis clarify? Or the discussion? Or the dialog?

You may hang me, madame, but not on that PARTICULAR tree.

You know, you seem right in your implication that "high challenge" may be
a mindset and that it may be a mind set that some of us share.

I enjoy the dialog, I cherish the discussion. But benefit most from the
conflict. Perhaps it is because, as illogical as it may sound, that I was
born in Atlanta. (Gratuitous geographical comment, yet ...)

Hal Popplewell



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