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Melanie Bullock (MELANIEB@terrill.unt.edu)
Fri, 12 Apr 1996 13:11:48 CST6CDT

Team History Call for Papers

The Center for the Study of Work Teams is please to announce a
call for papers for our upcoming publication: The History of Work

Work teams represent one of the current, major focuses of
organizational redesign. Although the idea of work teams is not new,
there are very few resources that foucs on the historical development
of work groups and their evolution into work teams. The purpose of
this book is to focus on the historical events that embody the
discovery of the key ideas in that history.

The ideal paper would be an integration of a mini-biography, or
mini-autobiography, with the idea, so there is a balance of the
personal and the intellectual. We invite you to send in short papers
that present scenarios of discovery, human stories, the lively
stories of the emergence of ideas and techniques.

To receive detailed information regarding submission please
forward your name and mailing address, or fax number, to

Thank you!

Melanie Bullock

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