Spirited Debate on LO LO6632

jack hirschfeld (jack@his.com)
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 22:58:43 -0400

Replying to LO6577 --

Rick: I have read with care Hal Popplewell's call for a different
approach to appropriateness than you have thus far applied in managing
this list. There is a lot of positive energy in his statement, and I for
one am glad that you shared it with us.

As you already know, from previous engagements, I don't think discussion
*about* the list is usually very useful *on* the list, and I try to avoid
getting into such discussions. In this case, Hal has described with great
passion a "test" common in assessment centers.

I consider myself to be on the other side of the "mirror", peering into
the room where you sweat your way daily through the "test" of maintaining
this list. For me, you have passed with flying colors (where I have seen
many other "moderators" fail). We disagree sometimes as to what is
appropriate, but the continuous evidence of the soundness of your
judgement is on display daily in the undisputed high quality of this place
and the discourse that takes place within it. We like to congratulate
ourselves for the plane on which conversation is carried on here, but it's
clear that the invisible hand of R Karash has *earned* the applause.
Please don't let the reasonableness of our disagreements when they occur
sway you from continuing to exercise your excellent judgement.

>[Host's Note: Dear Readers -- This is to launch a thread about how to
>create the most effective dialogue in a community. The specific question
>is about dialogue here on the LO list, but I hope the results will be
>applicable elsewhere.

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