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Peter H. Jones (
Thu, 11 Apr 1996 21:08:11 +1200

At a meeting I attended last night a speaker from the New Zealand
Qualifications Authority (NZQA) made the following points:

Eighty five percent of the people in our workforce have traditionally had
very limited access to higher education (Learning opportunities). And the
other fifteen percent are now telling them that they should become life
long learners. But... their perception of what learning means and what it
means to the fifteen percenters is quite different.

He said, 'they don't necessarily perceive life long learning in a positive
light. And that he himself had a recurring nightmare:

He arrives at the pearly gates and St Peter greets him with the words -

"Welcome to heaven and Learning for Eternity."

Oh no! he said, all I wanted was my fishing rod. Oh no!'

But I do think he was making a valid point. Bad early life experiences in
school have conditioned many people to shun what the fifteen percenters
would see as great opportunities.

So it seems to me that the challenge is to create natural positive
learning environments (And that has to be an oxymoronic phrase too). But
that of course is typical fifteen percenter speak.

Any thoughts? And can it, should it, be done?

Regards Peter
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