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Replying to LO6456 --

Terri you said [responding to my LO6316

>What is it with all of this machismo stuff? The cowboy/cattle/herd
metaphor is a bit offending to me. While I realize that some of these
comments (If's, I hope) are being said somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I think
they convey ideas that do indeed roll around within too many people's
meaning schemes.

Thank you for the recognition. I was trying tongue in cheek to make the
same point. I just hadn't got the image of rolling in a meaning scheme.


>All the "hootin and hollerin" has pretty much gotten us to the dominant
organizational paradigm which we see today, SNIP. Maybe it's time to drop
the cowboy/herd metaphors, or the team one for that matter as well
(another machismo, competitive term), and see what other options are out

Again I agree but lets recognize a lot of folk infected by and succesful
under the hoootin and hollerin paradigm not only don't see the 'problem'
but would not want to. The paradigm creates a structure for its own
preservation [This is the nature of paradigms - David Hull's Science as a
Process is a detailed exposition stuffed with impecable data].

You hint at the conveyance of paradigms in the language we use. Maybe
'team' is not the only one to challenge. How about we invent a new term
for 'mamangement' on the basis that the old one is steeped in a limiting
meaning scheme. ANY STARTERS FOR TEN?

There is for me a link here to the conversation concerning the challenges
facing management development especially Rol Fessenden LO 6500 replying to
Mike Mcmaster LO6482.

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