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About Bacon - Ramond Lull, brought the ancient ( the teachers of Socrates
) text from Arabic to Latin in about 1400's. The ancient ways of knowing
about science (atoms) and the ways of knowing - This "wisdom" was the
property of a ruling class, private and maybe secret because "the masses"
wouldn't understand -

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Peter E. Pflaum. Ph. D.

In Search of the Miraculous: The Ancient Ways of Knowledge

There are four paths to understanding your full capacities as a human:
The wagon is the body (one). The horses are the passions, the driving
force (two). The driver is the mind (three) and the master-passenger is
the soul and spirit. (four) Seven colors for stages of awareness.

Path One: The Magician
(The Wagon) BLUE (Sensual) Progressive Relaxation -
Autogentics - "Body Knowledge" - bioenergics and deep relaxation
- learning to feel the "life force" - become fully aware of the body, and
your real material nature - WAKE UP! Getting in touch with your natural
powers of intuition, and perception - the keys to good heath; Nutrition -

Path Two: The Lover
(The Horses) YELLOW and RED (Loving and Passions)
Self-Hypnosis, reprogramming and dream work - Biofeedback and New
techniques free the emotions and passions that are the "driving
Understand the animal nature. WAKE-UP the free energy that now
is wasted i n blame, guilt, shame. Center renewed strength through
love, compassion, hope and union - WAKE-UP your power to have
compassion for yourself and love for others - The keys to good relationships
and mental health.

Path Three: The Mind
(The Driver) RED to BROWN (passion to grounding)
Meditation and visualization - Open the Imagination - Yoga,
Tantra - the Science of Breath - focus of the mind - Spiritual nature - PAY
Zen - WAKE-UP to your powers of concentration and focus - the
keys to contentment and satisfaction - success in the tasks of life
Coping Skills - Assertiveness - Thought Stopping - LETTING-GO

Path Four: The Commander
(The Master - Dominating Self)
WHITE Union- GREEN mystic, BLACK passing-on - CLEAR passing-into
the light, you will experience enlightment. You will get in touch
with more of yourself. You will improve your relationships with others. You
will be successful in the tasks of life. You have learned to control the
horses (passions), you have learned to take care of the wagon (the
body); the driver is awake and sober (the lucid brain) - now you are master of
all your spirit -
You are in COMMAND. You have learned Self-observation;
You have been here before and you will return again

Understanding created by this class will create an autogenetic
leading to better self-management Techniques. This experience
will help you think and feel much better. It will help you relax and reduce
stress. You will learn how important and valuable it is to integrate the
mind, body and spirit. The exercise will help you to observe and understand
your own feeling, character, and gain more control of your own life.
These sessions will create a feeling of pleasure, joy, and over
all well being.
You will become a calm and relaxed person - with rejuvenated body
sensations, you will see more clearly, you will have clear and
focused thinking. You will experience cheerful thoughts, you will have a
more healthy body, you will be joyful of spirit, you will be full of energy,
you will have clear goals, you will experience less self-destructive behavior.
You will straighten up your thinking. You will release your energy that
has been tied up in internal feeling of guilt, blame, accusing others and
yourself. You will be able to forgive others as the cause of your problems and
You will
become aware of these negative feeling of shame, fear - these
negative feeling will be replace by positive feeling of trust - security -
certainty -
patience - inspiration - You will become a calm focused person.
People will want to be with you. People will love you. You will know true
intimacy - love and union, mind, body and spirit. You know true intimacy -
and union, mind body and spirit; beyond any desires, passions, need, wants,

Book: The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, Davis,
Eshelman, E.R.; McKay, M.; New Harbinger Press


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