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10 Apr 1996 14:05:15 U

Replying to LO6537 --

John, Your response come closest to my beliefs. I do not believe that
being a leader happens only to those born with the traits. I do believe we
learn from experience, these experiences set our values and views of the
world. Using that view of the world individuals seek to strengthen some of
the abilities we have (or even seek to develop new skills).

My vision of creating a Learning Organization says that very few people in
the US have experienced such an environment. In fact very few have even
experienced true teamwork. To help create LO the experiences must be
created. What I am struggling with is how to provide the type of
leadership and learning experience within an organization that will
encourage others to have a systems view and thereby will want to increase
their leadership skills. Again my logical brain keeps telling me there
must be concrete ways to encourage and support the strengthening of these
skills as I am very doubtful that many people will get there alone. I do
believe that whatever the answer is it probably does not look like
tradition managment training. But what is it?

Rose Wentz (rwentz@casey.org)

Rose Wentz asks in LO6524:
>I want
>to know how does one help to create leaders in an organization. In my
>organization I am responsible to develop a model of supervision/management
>that describes how supervisors can be leaders and encourage everyone to be
>leaders. I am also to develop training that teaches them how to do this.
>So much of what I read (such as these list of leadership traits) is in the
ideal world. I believe people can be taught skills that will support the
development of these traits. What is your experience in making this
>concrete and pratical?
Rose Wentz

> Leadership requires taking a holistic view of life and the organization.
>It requires that people understand that their welfare is tied to the >welfare
of those that they lead and serve. It is an attitude as much as >a set of
skills. People develop attitudes as a result of their >experience not
training. But once they have the "leadership" attitude, >an attitude
consistent with the systems view, then the skills can be >acquired much more

John Woods


"ChRoseW" <rwentz@casey.org>

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