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Keith Cowan (
09 Apr 96 16:22:55 EDT

Replying to LO6497 --
>> In a recent situation, the "empowered staff" found out what that really
>> means: if you make the same decision that the boss would have made, then
>> you're empowered. If you don't make the same decision, then be prepared
>> to bear the consequences, even if you try to point out that you're
>> supervisors are somehow incorrect or inconsistent.

>This is a perfect example of a manager or supervisor whose heart is more
>or less in the right place, but has never had any mentoring, training, or
>guidance on how to execute.... Rol Fessenden

In a previous life, I encountered executives who used the approach
quoted above. They believed that the pain of forcing people to try
again and again until they got it right was a good learning experience.

So I pose the question: "If the boss makes it easy for people to
produce the desired outcome, is he reinforcing of eroding long-
term organizational learning?"

If he shows people how to get the result, it might not stick as
long as if he forces them to figure it out themselves...


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