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09 Apr 96 17:15:34 EDT

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Randolf Jennings, in LO6354 said, in part,

>I completely agree that the practice of education needs to change.
>But I disagree with the tone of the learning org listserv discussion
>that educuation must better serve the needs of business. That is the
>sort of thinking that got us into this mess in the first place.

I question whether the education community has ever really been linked
to business -- and how business can be blamed for these failings.

In my experience, educators in general have seemed very suspicious of
the intentions of business when we go into the schools. And while they
are most willing to take "business / education partnership money," they
seem much less likely to be open for new ideas.

Educators, as a general rule, are not very good team players. They do
not collaborate within the schools, run their separate feifdoms, are
independent as all get-out (Unionized in many cases, and often resistant
to change), etc.

I am NOT castigating individual teachers and administrators. But I've
sat on enough committees over the years to know that little gets
implemted, although MUCH gets studied and reviewed.

I am more negative on this particulat "industry" than any other in
America. But it is wonderful when I read about successes such as Koality
Kid (sponsored by ASQC) and other programs. BTW, we have thus far been
totally unsuccessful here in my area in implementing a Koality Kid program
-- it's viewed as "too political" and the individual school principals
would rather wait than do something with it. Frustrating, because my ASQC
Chapter will (and has volunteered) to pay all the direct costs.

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