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Tue, 9 Apr 1996 09:13:11 -0400

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Rol said:
>If the vast majority attack injustice -- really attack it, not just
condemn it, why is there still so much of it?

Your distinction between real 'attack' and mere condemnation is a good
one. I think many of us feel we 'attack' problems through our thinking and

Additionally, with social or organizational problems, many of us can agree
on how injust something is. Few of us agreee on what 'justice' would look
like, and even fewer on the methods/pathways to move toward justice.
Divergence joins with with a sense of powerlessness and, voila, you have
lots of conversation (or rhetoric) on injustice.

Leaders who can inspire us to really attack injustice must be able to
engage us on a high level. One where we are willing to sacrifice our own
interests for the sake of the greater good.

It's very challenging even in the smallest social system. Like my family.
Like my work team.

Fran Alexander



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