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> I think the word, in English, is "manipulation".

>We're now opening a real can of worms for the linguists among us
because of the root word "man" common to many of our terms like
management and manipulation. The NLP literature has been racked
by decades of discussions like, "Isn't NLP manipulative?" and
responses like, "Then why would we want to do sales training or
management development if we wern't out to change people's
behaviors..." ad infinitum.


As one of the "us" (Learners), I appreciate the point you went on to make
in this post.

I'm not sure exactly what you were intending regarding your reference to
"man" as a root word. In checking a few etymology dictionaries, I
discovered the following:

The "man" part of the words management and manipulation is from the Latin
manus, the hand.

Sensing an a mo*men*t of levity, I was enlightened to see that "man" (in
the sense of "male human") is NOT in any way embedded in the deep essence
of "*man*agement" (as a root word). By the same token, "gem" is not in the
deep nature of "mana*gem*ent either.

But then there are some gems to be found. A few pages away was the
discovery that the "man" in hu*man* is from a different root - the Latin
homo, which means "man", literally, a creature of the earth. So easy to
forget that which we are part of.


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