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Wait. Decartes did not *seperate* subject and object but rather *related*
them as a spiritual whole. Having left hand and right hand does not imply
a seperation from the body (soma). The world *dualism* itself means *of
two, one*, you imply *bifurcation* or other splitting whereas Decartes
described *parts of a whole* or a *joining*.

Hal Popplewell

In a message dated 96-04-08 01:17:15 EDT, you write:

>The Cartesian
>legacy gave us the dualism of subject and object, body and mind, human
>beings and the natural world. Given that dualism, people like
>Francis Bacon were able to see the natural world as "Object/resouces"
>to be exploited and made into good products. In that sense Descartes
>has been given credit as one of the founders of Capitalism. The earth/
>natural world was perceived as this huge "Treasure Chest" from which
>human beings could extract the resources and unlimited goods.
>More and More we are beginning to recognized how entrenched our
>civilization is into that Cartesian worlview.


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