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Marion Brady comments

>Each of us has acquired from our society a conceptual model of reality.
>The most important task of general education is to help us understand
>that model, the models of those with whom we interact, and the range of
>alternative models from which we might choose.

>I think it's interesting/appalling that not a single discipline of
>those traditionally required for graduation speak to this matter that
>lies at the very core of human experience and understanding.>

I agree absolutely but look at it from the model's perspective [OK this is
MEMES again]. From the model's perspective the most important task of
general education is that we all get infected by/ believe implicitly/ pay
adherence to the model. That way it perpetuates itself in the world.

I agree with you Marion that it is appalling [and interesting]. It helped
me at least understand the appallingness when I began to see these models
from their perspective, not mine or those of any other carrier of the

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