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I'm not a fan of matrix. In it's time, there was not enough effort
spent on the development in communication and relationship skills
that it required. Further, there were seldom authentic and
sufficient organisational design (and power) shifts to expect it to
function. The Dow breakdowns point at some of the changes that were
needed and not made (like reporting and reward).

Now, systems based on complexity I think have far more potential - as
indicated in some of the posting. I think it's Dan Jones of "The
Lean Organisation" who has done some very interesting work that
creates organisational practices and designs that are accomplishing
much of what matrix was after but in a learning organisation context.

I suggest that any system based on "reporting to" (solid lines,
dotted lines, any kind of lines) is doomed. I see no compatibility
with such lines and matrix - let alone learning or intelligent

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