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Thu, 04 Apr 96 16:21:47 EST

From: Dillon Robertson, Value-Adding Management (VAM) Team
Customer Satisfaction and Business Effectiveness (CSBE)
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Subject: Intro -- Dillon Robertson

Training and organizational development have been my career since 1971,
so "learning organization" issues are central to my interests. I am
currently in an internal consulting role formed to help teams improve
their work process (aka "learn"). I travel within my company which is a $4
billion global electronic components manufacturer.
I have browsed listserve for several weeks, and especially enjoy the
crisp responses from practitioners, such as whoever said about teams, ~
"common purpose does it." Thanks also to Donald Denier for the definition
of empowerment: Its structure becomes a process which can be acted upon to
create an environment for learning. And I too believe that companies are
part of society.
What we LOers are doing is serious and sorely needed work. I like the
idea of a network like this helping each other to learn how to learn.
Let's tell more stories about what we're trying to do. As a colleague
says, "It's deployment, and only that, which matters."
Dillon Robertson


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