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GSCHERL (GSCHERL@fed.ism.ca)
Thu, 04 Apr 96 08:52:51 EST

Replying to LO6393 --

I agree with Julie Beedon's point. Email, and mail lists are not
ideal vehicles for large commentaries. I've done it myself, but try
to limit them to one page. If you have to page down too much, or I
see over 3K, I question how much value in the posting.

On the other hand, I have seen excellent essays or articles posted,
and read those with enthusiasm.

This list remains the best and most positive thought provoking I've

'Who decides if you're going to have a terrible day or a terrific day?
Which side of the menu do you want to choose everyday?' - Ed Foreman

Gary Scherling
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