Executive compensation LO6491

Sun, 07 Apr 1996 18:57:14 EDT

Replying to LO6373 --

Regarding Keith's statement . .
> and that 90% of executives get chosen because of their present tense
> capabilities.

Here's a possible correlation. Using neuro-logistic programing (NLP)
terminology, "auditory" people make good fire-fighters (as in "present
tense"). Some executives (many, most ?) are where they are at today
because of their fire-fighting skills. Since some people (many, most ?)
have a preferred modality, some "auditory" executives (many, most ?)
have limited capacity to move an organization forward beyond the
present mode of operation.

Keith also said . . .

>Only those that happen to be linear (10 of 40% at best)
> would be interested in anything to do with genuine long term future and
> these would probably do it in spite of the compensation system. They would
> also be the only ones likely the slightest bit interested in creating an
> LO. Our challenge is to find those few and nurture their interests in the
> future.

What do you mean by "linear" ?



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