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Fri, 5 Apr 1996 13:14:48 -0800

Replying to IF Prices's suggestions on LO6332

>>How can organizational design be adjusted to facilitate organizational
>Two, hopefully practical, suggestions
>1. Encourage 'peripheral isolates' - Learning occurs faster in small
>populations isolated from prevailing norms.
>2. Set a wider environment that encourages sharing. Best example I know is
>a bank that pays VP bonuses not on the basis of communal success but on the
>basis of others success. If I have a stake in your performance - and vice
>versa - we are likely to encourage learning from each other by our


>If Price
>The Harrow Partnership

Yes, those two practical tips, but for a fuller set of enablers I refer
you to the list in Nonaka's book on Knowledge Creation: requisite
variety, redundancy, freedom, etc.

[Host's Note: I'm aware of Nonaka and Takeuchi, _The Knowledge Creating
Company_, New York, Oxford Univ Press, 1995. There is also an article in
the HBR around 1992. I assume, Roberto, you're referring to this book; if
not, please let us know. ...Rick]

As you read that book also notice Nonaka's criticism of Senge (and LOs)
for missing the crucial importance of embodiment and enaction in learning.

"Knowing is doing and doing is knowing". Real learning changes people's
bodies as they enact new realities for themselves. This is perhaps for
another thread ...

Roberto Reichard


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