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On 3 Apr 1996, Rol Fessenden wrote:
> or rural

Some rural counties in the U.S. have a high percentage of people with
advanced degrees. Telluride in Colorado is an example. John Naisbitt
lives there. There's a fiber optic community of log homes where
teleworkers/symbolic workers live too! Population is around 9000 and
it's around 9000 feet in altitude.

I could list off lots of counties in the U.S. and areas in Canada that
are "rural" but have similar characteristics.

John Naisbitt wrote about the "migration of people from the suburbs to
the exurbs".

I also read recently about Canada's "Strategis" initiative - 470 towns
across Canada are being given grants to have internet access be provided.
This may make a difference, eh?

[BTW isn't Lyle Courtenay doing research at UBC on organizational
learning in small towns in B.C., Canada?]

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