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Thu, 04 Apr 1996 17:39:25 +1000

Dear All,


The Department of Business management at Monash University in Melbourne
has had an active interest in the areas of Systems Thinking &
Organisational Learning for a number of years.

Currently we operate a Graduate Diploma in Business management with a
heavy emphasis in these areas as well as a Master of Organisational
Systems program.

ASTOLg - The Australian Systems Thinking & Organisational Learning group
is also based within the department.
This group provides a networking opportunity plus interstate and
international visitors for subscribers and others.
We hold regular seminars and other sessions including a monthly
'Learning Organisation Roundtable'.

Amongst other visitors over the last couple of years have been Dr Peter
Senge of MIT, USA and Prof.John Burgoyne from Lancaster Univ. UK.

Currently the group has some limited funds available to support visits
from Australian and International visitors in the Systems and Learning

Hence, if you are interested in the possibility of visiting us in
Melbourne, Australia during 1996 we would certainly be interested in
hearing from you.

Ideally we would like to welcome visitors who have the potential to
become involved in co-operative applied research and who can add value
to our students and staff in the areas of, Systems Thinking,
Organisational Learning, The Learning Organisation etc. We would aim to
also ensure that the visit was enjoyable and wortwhile from your

If you are interested in visiting please send (via e-mail)a C.V. and
your availability etc to us at the address below.
We currently have funds available for short term visits (one or two
weeks) in the May/June period.

We look forward to hearing from Systems Thinkers and Learners from
around the globe.

JEFF MCLEAN. Director:ASTOLg - Australian Systems Thinking &
Organisational Learning Group, Dept Bus. Mng't, MONASH UNIVERSITY.
Melbourne, Australia.
Ph: 61 3 9903 2608 Fax:2718 E.mail:
"The world is our system - Let's learn to look after it together" COME


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