It's not just semantics LO6395

Rol Fessenden (
03 Apr 96 21:43:54 EST

Replying to LO6346 --

It is quite common, and I fear generally misleading, to assume that
empowerment equals responsibility plus authority plus adequate resources.
Management often talks about giving responsibility and authority, but alas
it seldom works that way. All the important problems that are worth
solving are, as we have already learned, cross-functional. Therefore, the
authority seldom accompanies responsibility. Furthermore, in a world of
scarce resources and fierce competition for those, responsibility is
seldom accompanied by 'adequate' resources.

I have been promoting the view that a person is given a responsibility,
and generally that is all. The truly empowered person then uses
influencing to develop the resources. Furthermore, he or she generates
support in other cross-functional areas so that authority is not needed.
In fact, authority is anathema to a LO under any circumstances. It is
either not necessary, or it is not a LO.


Rol Fessenden LL Bean, Inc

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