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Steven J. Lux (sjlux@maxwell.syr.edu)
Wed, 03 Apr 1996 09:54:27 -0500

I have a few questions about building a search conference into a project
the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs would like to implement
in Hungary.

In sum, the project will attempt to assist local governments create viable
partnerships with non-government organizations in the design and delivery
of social services to vulnerable populations in Hungary. The
decentralization of government and transition to the market economy has
put enormous pressure on the country's welfare systems. We expect to use
the search conference as a means to inspire creative group dialog, systems
thinking, and strategic planning. Ideally, the conference will help local
governments address the constraints in their social welfare systems and
create strategic plans that are in the best interest of their communities.

I am familiar, but no expert, with search conferences, and interested to
hear people's reactions to the following questions:

Question #1 - Are there search conference case studies that would be
relevant for me to study before we writing the proposal for this project?

Question #2 - Should one be concerned about the readiness of the audience
to accept the search conference methodology, or does the theory suggest
search conferences are appropriate for any group of people regardless of
their prior exposure to systems thinking and shared visions?

I appreciate the time anyone takes to answer.

Thanks, Steve

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