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Wed, 03 Apr 1996 07:40:33

Replying to LO6195 --

>1) What do you like about it ? What are the benefits (P of PMI or Yellow hat)

Might encourage ongoing learning, could certainly benefit the
educational institutions if they were into the reissue game

>2) What do you dislike about it ? (M of PMI, or Black Hat)

seems to make an underlying assumption that degrees are important
and I am not sure about this

>3) What do you find interesting about the idea ? (I of PMI)

what it's impact on the educational system might be

>4) How do you feel about the idea of Degrees with expiry dates ? (Red Hat)

ambivilant, curious,

>5) Using it as a stepping stone, where does the idea of Degrees with
>expiry dates get you thinking ? (Green Hat)

why do we value degrees, what it is about them that is of value,
does the degree mean anything once you have finished the study,
if we had degrees with expiry dates might we develop a system of
workplace learning and accreditiaion that valued the learning we
did beyond our degrees

>Social Consequences-Degrees with expiry dates
>6) What does it enhance or intensify ? (McLuhan tetrad)

might intensify the ongoing need for valid pieces of paper and have
people awash in irrelevant studies

>7) What or who does it render obsolete or displace ? (McLuhan tetrad)

could it render the degree itself obsolete - like if it is going to
expire anyway shall I do something else altogether

>8) What does it retrieve that was previuosly obsolesced ? (McLuhan tetrad)

potentially a focus on learning not pieces of paper although it
could do the opposite if we spent our whole lives updating our
pieces of paper!

>9) What does it flip into or produce when pressed to the extreme ?
> (McLuhan tetrad)

see second part of 8 above

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