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01 Apr 1996 11:57:11 GMT

I'm delighted to be on this list. My name is Nick Head and
I am the Employee Assistance Program Coordinator for the US
Postal Service in Phoenix, AZ. I came to my interest in
learning organizations through picking up the Fifth
Discipline about 5 years ago, and immediately tried to
implement some of the ideas in the outside consulting work
that I was doing. Prior to that I had take Robert Fritz'
DMA course and had personal positive experience with his
techniques for personal mastery.
Currently I am using what I can of the principles where the
opportunity presents itself. I am the person responsible
for generating and coordinating a violence prevention
strategy for our 11,000 employees in AZ. In line with this
I am exploring the issue of workplace violence as
systemically as I can, and trying to engage others to do the
same whether they are managers with whom I consult on
troubled employees or troubled work units, or participants
in some of the course that we are rolling out. I have
created and delivered presentations, curriculum and threat
management processes. We are also rolling out a short (1
day) workshop on Positive Performance Management, and having
had a central role in it's development, and trying to create
and hold an environment in which debate is balanced by
dialogue (new for many of our managers), performance is
considered sytemically, assumptions are explored, and cookie
cutter approaches are discouraged. The response has been

Nick Head
Employee Assistance Program Coordinator US Postal Service -
Phoenix District 4949 E Van Buren St., Rm. 229
Phoenix, AZ 85026-9994
Voice: 602-225-5493
Fax: 602-225-3103



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