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31 Mar 96 23:17:05 EST

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If said, What we need is a "....declaration into the world of some [more?]
truths that those who declare them hold to be self-evident. The last time
that was tried it laid the foundation for the emergence of a fairly
successful 'corporation'."

We are in complete agreement that corporations can not be expected to
perceive and act on 'self-evident' truths without the leadership of
society at large.

We are in complete agreement that society has not got any new self-evident
truths right now. Instead every faction has their own self-evident
truths. (if I misinterpret, please correct me.)

We are completely agreed that we need the 'right' group of people --
representative of all of society -- to establish some new self-evident
truths for all of us to share.

If then asks, "Is there any way of creating or at least starting some
declaration of those values which become self-evident only because those
who declare them say so. Until this happens, until personal
responsibilities interconnect into a wider system of values will anything

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Wow -- I don't know when I have experienced such complete agreement. This
is a fascinating thought. I wonder if the UN Committee on Human Rights or
some such organization has such an updated list of self-evident truths
that we could accept as ours rather than create a new list. It would be
fascinating to see how far this idea could be taken.

Another thought I had was to look back at the American Constitution or
others of similar nature, and find out what kinds of people were invited
to that event. Let's see if we can recreate the right cheistry.

Having done a fair amount of reading about that event, I wonder if we are
at the right historical moment for a new such constitution to be
successful. Those people, in addition to being incredibly idealistic,
were also under a lot of pressure to create something not a monarchy, not
anarchy, not a confederation of states. They were at that time on the
verge of having nothing at all as the old confederation melted away.
Perhaps just as the eague of Nations melted away.

It would be worthwhile to try to construct such a group at least on paper,
and see what we can do with it.

It is sort of like tilting at windmills, but if you want to defeat a
windmill, then you have to tilt at it, I guess.


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