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Terri said

>the idea of one group of people "empowering" another is still a matter of
"a" deciding for "b," and perpetuates (perhaps through a false generosity)
a system of domination. So I tend to cringe whenever I hear people talking
about "empowerment."

I sympathise and likewise cringe and have tended to skip the thread for
that reason. The only person who can empower me is me but others -coaches,
colleagues, friends or even casual aquaintances or other contributors to
this list can contribute to that process by helping me challenge my mental

To do this deliberately is an [the?] art of a great coach [or leader even]
so maybe leaders can create climates that enable others to empower
themselves - though as you say Terri they have to let go of an awful lot
first [I recall others on the thread saying something similar and
apologise for not acknowledging them]

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