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Sat, 30 Mar 1996 10:45:45 EST5EDT

I am a doctoral student in the Clinical-Community Psychology
program at the University of South Carolina. I am currently enrolled
in a mental health consultation class in which we are exploring the
use of learning organization concepts. As a class project, we are
hosting a retreat for our faculty and students the goal of which
is to foster dialogue and emergent learning.
As part of this process, we have set up an electronic bulletin
board to encourage pre-retreat dialogue and discussion. Initial
postings have shown that even with clear guidelines, it is easy to
slip from dialogue to discussion.
One concern is that we are not objective observers, we are part
of the system. A second concern is the impact of the power
differential between faculty and students and the ability of this
system to engage in true dialogue.
I am interested in either shared experiences or suggestions for
pulling this off!
I have been very impressed with the content and process that I
have observed here.

Bob Kennerley
Department of Psychology
University of South Carolina


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