Fishnet organization LO6275

Thu, 28 Mar 1996 12:29:42 -0600

Our organization is hosting a satellite-delivered conference on May 1
about the fishnet organization. What's a fishnet organization? We're
wondering too.

Print materials will come from the program producer but may not arrive
much before the conference date. The facilitator of the discussion that
follows the satellite program would like to know more about the fishnet
organization in the next couple of weeks. Do any of you have experience
with such an organization? Can you provide more background than the
following brochure description?

"A 'fishnet' organizational structure is flexible, adaptable, and
increasingly necessary in today's downsized corporations. The fishnet
model allows any structure to be woven together electronically and altered
as needed; the organization becomes an ad hoc cooperative web instead of a
permanent competitive citadel. This videoconference introduces the
fishnet organization and the emerging forms of computing that support it,
focusing in particular on visual computing. Managers, teachers, students,
and others will also learn how to manage in this new, unconventional

Thanks much for any input.

Connie Gruen
Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

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