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Keith Cowan (
27 Mar 96 18:31:24 EST

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>From: (Dave Birren, MB-5, 608-267-2442)
>Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 10:33 CST
>...We have a long, though somewhat spotty, tradition of what we call
>delegation and participative management, but neither of those terms
>captures the sense of two-way accountability that empowerment means. Does
>anyone out there have a better word or phrase to express it?

I have seen "aligned empowerment" used. The reluctance of management to
embrace empowerment is mostly because of fear of anarchy. It also will
change their role to one of active support which may not fit with the
existing management processes. They will have to be very clear on what
outcomes they really want to achieve, and sometimes these cannot be stated
adequately in words. BTW I liked your submission......Keith


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