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Wed, 27 Mar 1996 11:38:33 -0600

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David Birren wrote in part:
>I met yesterday with my agency's senior management team to review the
>concept of empowerment and get their agreement to use it as a basis for
>developing various management processes. Attached is the description we
>talked about, for anyone interested in it. Basically, the group liked
>the concepts, but they have trouble with the term "empowerment".

During some dialog a few months ago, someone in our group suggested that
when we talk of 'empowerment', many times we -mean- 'emancipation.' That
is, freedom (rights?) to do what you will along with the obligations
(duties?) that accompany that freedom within a civilization or society.
Of course, that brings us 'round again to issues of responsibility and
accountability, but . . . .

Michael A

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