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Anastasio, Jon (Jon.Anastasio@FMR.Com)
Tue, 26 Mar 1996 08:36 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO6195 --

On Saturday, March 24, Walter Derzko wrote:

>Last week several members of the Creativity Consortium came up with a
>new concept of education degrees with expiry dates...say 5 years for
>the sake of argument.

I pick "Red Hat".

Walter, Your proposal makes me think of my committee chairman's
congratulatory statement to me after I had passed the oral defense of my
dissertation and had earned my Ed.D. degree: " All a doctorate does is
show that you are capable of doing professional quality work. You haven't
actually _done_ anything yet." The resulting mental model has led me to
rather religiously try to ensure that my ideas and actions add practical

The process of earning a degree teaches discipine, imparts thinking and
analytical skills, and provides a focus for professional direction -- and
then there's the content or knowledge area, which I assume is what you're
concerned will decay or become obsolete if the person does not continue

IMHO, creativity is at its most "valuable" when we can take academic and
theoretical learning and translate it into action for the benefit of
ourselves and others -- When we can make something positive happen. I
find the idea of arbitrarily wiping out a significant accomplishment of
_any_ kind a bit odd -- kind of like revoking a Purple Heart medal when
the wound has healed.


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