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>You may find the work of Robert Putnam relevant, though he talk in a
>different domain, political science. try his essay, "Bowling Alone." In
>essence, he says people are safer, in police forces more effective, where
>communities participate, than from any other single factor. He's got
>reams of research and statistics to back this up, and is getting all sorts
>of respect for his work. I don't have bibliographic references for
>"Bowling Alone." Putnam is at the CFIA at Harvard.

More on Putnam's essay. In the March 1, 1996 issue of the Chronicle for
Higher Education, Scott Heller mentions in his article ("'Bowling Alone' -
A harvard professor examines America's dwindling sense of community") that
Putnam's essay was published "barely a year ago" in the Journal of
Democracy. Apparently, copies of Putnam's essay, "Bowling Alone: America's
Declining Social Capital" and others related to Putnam are available from
Harvard's Center for International Affairs of which Putnam is the


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