What is Systems Thinking? LO6215

John Godfrey & Miranda Beale (jgodfrey@werple.net.au)
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 20:51:40 +-1000

Replying to LO6151 --

I've had some interesting replies to the suggested definition of:

"Systems Thinking is the search for consistent dynamic patterns in =
complex adaptive systems in order to predict behaviour."

Some people have suggested that the words "and to influence" could be =
after "predict", but I'd prefer to allow for people just seeking =
understanding without necessarily seeking to influence. (Weather =
prediction is an example.)

With regards to the other question, the consensus seems to be that =
systems thinking is a necessary but not sufficient test of the existance =
of a "learning organisation".

Thanks for the replies, I'll be following some up in a few days time. =

John Godfrey


John Godfrey & Miranda Beale <jgodfrey@werple.net.au>

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