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Michael said:
>What is of particular interest to me is what has a conversation persist.
>What creates a long-lived conversation? What is the relationship of all
>the small conversations that don't appear to live a long time to such a
>long-lived conversation? What is the nature of those conversations that
>appear to do harm to conversations of value and possibility but also live
>for a long time?


I'd like to invite those of you who are interested in pursuing the kinds
of questions that Michael raised in a much more detail in another
mail-list to send me some email:

SPEAKING as a CHANGE-AGENT offers you an experience to discuss ideas, give
advice, receive coaching and share approaches in causing transformation in
organizations using powerful committed speaking -- speaking that alters
paradigms, shifts context and declares possibility. Whether you are a
consultant, CEO or internal change agent you are welcome to join this
discussion, which is designed to be practical and easily applicable.
Anyone who declares themselves to be an agent of change in any institution
is welcome to contribute.

We will be focusing on sharing language-based transformation approaches,
insights and breakthroughs informed by thinking in the areas of
existential philosophy, cognition, language, biology, consulting and
therapy. Some of the authors who have done important work in these areas
include Martin Heideggar, Jean-Paul Sartre, Hubert Dreyfus, Fernando
Flores/Terry Winograd, Ludwig Wittgenstein, John Searle, Eric Berne and
John Whiteside. <more to follow>

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March 24, 1996



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