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On Thu, 21 Mar 1996 Inflow@eworld.com wrote:

> Good point Dave. In addition... Andrew described a 'mechanistic' system,
> while most of us believe that learning organizations are much more
> 'biological', and therefore more complex, non-linear, interconnected, etc.
> If simple, mechanistic solutions like knowing where to 'tap' an
> organization actually worked, then Reengineering[and all other mechanistic
> interventions] would have been raving successes.
> Einstein said sometyhing to the effect, "Make all problems as simple as
> possible, but NOT more simple." Andrew overshot this rule by just a tad.

I think that metaphor illustrates the "pareto principle".

I don't get very good results so I don't really know if the "pareto
principle" exists or not, but my hunch is that it does.

I think that for most of you to get high leverage results, you're able to
build a precise internal representation in your head of an organization
(biological metaphor), and then translate those representations to
external reality.

I think that takes a lot of smarts.

Andrew Moreno


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