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Sat, 23 Mar 1996 13:16:13 -0800

This is a request for specific systems dynamic cases

For eighteen months I, and colleagues, have been facilitating a learning
forum for Facilities Managers working in UK NHS Trusts [Public Health Care
providers forced into quais-private modes of operating]. The group only
meet 6 days a year [so it is actually only 10 days old].They operate in a
culture where what was four years ago a single national 'service' has been
forced to see itself as competing entities. We have been taking the
building of trust slowly and have not forced the pace with new language
and ideas of 'systems' which would occur to most of the group as 'boffin
speak'. Their day to day reality is cutting costs, firing colleagues, and
coping with Compulsory Competitive Tendering [outsourcing your staff].

They work in a culture that by and large sees Facilities services [Estates
Management, catering, cleaning, maintenance etc etc] as 'none-core' where
'clinicians rule' and also one where 'health for all free at the point of
delivery' is a deeply held value.

We are hoping to help them discover, build, and enrol their colleagues/
bosses in, systems models that examine the importance of non-clinical
services in the perceptions of patients and the General Practitioners who
control the choices of who goes to which hospitsal. I would be interested
to here from anyone who has possible cases or models to share.

By the way this is an 'university' rather than a 'consultancy' enquiry.
The forum referred to is operated through an FM Research Unit at Sheffield
Hallam University.

If Price
The Harrow Partnership
Pewley Fort Guildford UK

and Unit for Facilities Management Research Sheffield Hallam University

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