LOs/Affinity Groups LO6173

Fri, 22 Mar 1996 11:14:49 -0600

If you are interested in the following, please respond directly to
I am seeking a consultant who is knowledgeable about research performed,
companies operating, and groups or individuals involved in "affinity
groups"...defined here as bringing our external customers together to
learn and share experiences.

Currently, my company, a national health care alliance, creates and
manages affinity groups in which senior executives from our customer
organizations are brought together in order to learn from one another.
Each affinity group includes much diversity, but each group has some
common characteristics such as marketplace challenges/opportunities,
organizational characteristics, similar vision, etc. These affinity
groups encourage increased networking and educational opportunities
through experience-based learning, and thereby enhance my company?s
relationship, value and relevance to our customers.

We are currently seeking assistance (a consultant) to improve our efforts
although we think we are quite successful. We would also like to identify
other companies, within and outside health care, that operate ?affinity
groups? or whatever name they may be called by other organizations
(bringing their customers together to learn, share and add value) or
similar educational and networking models.

If you are competent in, knowledgeable of or operate or know of similar
tools and techniques for working closely with your customers, or have any
other information or suggestions regarding this issue, please respond to

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.



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