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khoffman (kurt.hoffman@Harris.COM)
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 10:14:58 -0500

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Hello Netters,
My name is Kurt Hoffman, and I am an ~internal consultant set to
work on some structural issues facing my company today. In particular
I am interested in others experiences when working with organizations
composed in a top-down matrix management structure. I am aware of
many of the positives and negatives of such a structure, I am
interested in hearing about other consultant/OD type adventures into
making changes in such a complex environment.
I would appreciate any help on how to go about maneuvering through
a matrix organization and any potential pitfalls to avoid along the
way. Also, if there are any particularly beneficial reading materials
on the subject, I would like to get my hands on them as well.

You may reply to me directly at:

Thanks in advance,
Kurt Hoffman

kurt.hoffman@Harris.COM (khoffman)

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