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My name is Hal Steinbeigle. I'm new to the list so I suppose I should
tell you that I'm currently a Grad student at the University of New Mexico
in Albuquerque.

What I'm looking for is information on a story I heard on "Market Place"
a business oriented radio program on PRI. The story was broadcast in late
October or early November of 1995. It dealt with corporate layoffs and
their effect on profitability. The reporter cited an unnamed study that
found that simply laying people off did not make the corporation more
profitable. It also found that the net change in employees was negligible
as most of the laid off workers were replaced by an almost equal number of
workers with different skills.

I have phoned Market Place but have received no response. Is anyone
familiar with this study? Where was it published, and how can I get a
copy of it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is:

Many thanks,



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