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irt: bhobler@cpcug.org (William J. Hobler, Jr.), Thu, Mar 21, 1996 2:31 AM

Bill, I found your questions most thought provoking and here's what came
up from dredgin my mind.

After pondering the question of what is a "Learning Orgnizaion" for about
5 years, reading Senge's "The Fifth Discipline" at least once a year for
the past 6 years, and working with the concepts and disciplines, I no
longer consider the label "Learning Organization" to have the meaning it
once held.

All organizations learn. Some organziations relearn what they already know
(some of which is correct and some of which is not), some organizations
learn new things (again some of which is correct and some of this is not),
some organizations can tell the difference and some cannot! The point
being individuals, and orgnizations learn all the time, there is little
way to avoid it.

There is a definition of something I still consider most meaningful. That
is relevant, IMNERHO, is that I want to ennoble the development of an
organzation that "continually enhances its capactity to create its
future!" This is also from "The Fifth Discipline." And, the best way
presently understood to accomplish this is to continually practice, in an
integrated fashion, the five disciplines described by Senge.

Gene Bellinger



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