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I'm an environmental chemist/quality assurance manager with 14 years of
environmental/ consulting chemistry experience and 6 years of QA
management experience (translation: I'm QAM for major client programs,
which means I am chief-chemist/technical liaison to the clients; act as
"Information Officer" re: new regulations and analytical techniques;
create/update manuals, guidances, SOPs; perform system, field and file
audits; review project deliverables; approve analytical technical
specifications; maintain a performance-ranked laboratory
services/resources database; etc., etc., etc.)

Someday (soon!!) I hope to move from environmental consulting to quality
consulting, eventually with the ISO 14000 arena as my speciality.

To that end, I am supplementing my technical degrees by formalizing my
experience credentials via achieving a Certificate in Environmental
Management (will graduate this August) and an Associate's Degree in
Quality Technology Management (will graduate this December). God bless
local community colleges (and the ability to survive on little sleep)!!

(I'm beginning to think I can be had earlier than anticipated; any job
offers from QA consulting firms - would like to stay in Pittsburgh, PA
area - would be greatly appreciated and graciously considered.)

ANYHOW, here comes the request part...

As QA student, I am currently taking a Quality Theory and Philosophy
course, for which my classmates and I are preparing presentations (mine's
on Eli Goldratt - Theory of Constraints, etc.), others are on Deming,
Juran, Crosby, Tom Peters, Ishakawa, Imai... The Internet/mailing lists
are tremendous re: the amount of QA/QC information out there (with my
various subscriptions, this group obviously included, I can't tell you the
great "infusion" of quality-related info. I enjoy daily).

TO THE POINT: Could anyone please help my classmate? She needs
biographical information on Peter Senge. In particular, the following:

date/place of birth
family background
education (degrees, where, when)
work history
awards received

[Host's Note: Deb, I'll send you separately contact info for Peter's
secretary who can probably send you his professional bio, pubs list, etc.]

I'll see if I can talk her into allowing me to post her paper to this list
when it's finished.

TIA for your kind regard; please post information to me directly at:

Thanks again!


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