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Replying to LO5740 --

About one month ago I posted a message on this and other related lists
which asked other list-members to comment on various possible reasons for
organisations to refrain from training their employees. I was amazed by
the number of replies I got which really helped me to clarify some of my
thinking on these issues.

I have started to focus my research more and more on the actual decision
making process of companies as regards training. For this reason I would
be very interested to get in contact with people on this list who are in a
position to determine, or have a major influence, on their organisation's
training policies. From this I hope to develop a clearer understanding of
such decision making processes which will help me in my actual fieldwork.

Apropos fieldwork - I am also considering the possibility of carrying out
this research more systematically over the internet. I have been in
contact with a few people who have started such forms of research, but
there seem to me to be a few problems with such an approach. One of these
is the issue of confidentiality. In interviews it is common practice to
assure confidentiality to any interviewee - i.e. no names or other details
will be mentioned in any report I write which might identify the person
being interviewed. Research via the internet is different as it is harder
to approach people directly but one has to hope for the good will of
people responding to such messages as this one (who are not afraid of
being quoted). For this reason I want to stress here that any information
I will receive from any of you - and any information I have already
received - will be treated confidentially (as above).

As a beginning if there is anybody who would like to get in contact with
me, ...

Could you describe to me how in your organisation training decisions are
made. Who is involved in such decisions? How does the need for such a
decision arise - i.e. what makes the topic of training arise in the first
place? How are the employees involved in this decision making process (if
at all)? What is your role in all of this?

- to get the ball rolling ....


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