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> I'm looking for someone how has worked with or is now working with the
> method devloped by G.S. Altshuller for creating inventions by solving
> the paradox that initially arises from trying to envision an ideal
> solution to some problem. ( ie. an ideal solution to this problem needs to
> be both hot and cold or soft and hard at the same time.) Altshuller
> then went on to create invention algorithms
> As far as I can tell, G.S. Altshuller worked out the Minsk in Belorus
> in the 1960's and 1970's.
> His methods then spread to many scientific and research institutes throughout
> the FSU.
> When I was in Ukraine the past summer, I was told of newspaper stories
> from the 1970's highlighting the accounts of high school-aged students
> solving college-level engineering problems using Altshuller's algorithms.
> I ran into someone at CPSI @ Buffalo State several years ago who
> credited Altshullers method's as the key to the "revitalization" of the
> Israeli defence industry in the 1970's.
> One of his books was translated as vol #5,in the Studies in Cybernetics
> series "Creativity as an Exact Science, the Theory of the solution of
> Inventive Problems.", 1988.
> I'm trying collecting materials for a 13 week course on Lateral
> thinking that I'll be teaching to engineers at a local community
> college and I'd like to tie in some recent theory, applications and
> any background material if it's available.
> Down the road, I'm looking for anyone who can present this in a 1-2 day
> workshop format in both English and Ukrainian -must be fluent and
> experienced in both languages (funding may become available soon).
> Reply to Walter Derzko, <> stating your
> experience and applications of Altshuller's methods.


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