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Sun, 17 Mar 1996 12:52:22 -0500

Dear Colleagues:

Here in Silicon Valley, the "jobless society," or "Jobshift" as described
by William Bridges in a book of that name, seems to be very much a
reality. The South Bay OD Network is scheduled to explore its
implications for organizational development and efforts to create a
learning organization, and we would like your on-line input. If you live
in the area, you are also welcome to attend the session; see information

Jerry Talley of Organizational Diagnostics in Los Altos, CA, is the
organizer of this network. Together, we composed the following invitation
to the dialogue. Please feel free to respond individually or on the
network, and/or to join us "live" if you are able. I will post a report
on the discussion after the "real-time" meeting.

According to some noted futurists, we are moving toward a society where no
one has a defined job. We can already see signs of the shift: contracted
employees, outsourcing, and long-term temps. We also hear the slogans of
companies attempting to be more "fluid" and "agile": re-engineering, the
learning organization, the virtual organization, or downsizing. It is
supposedly a more efficient marketplace. Or is it just a less humane

What tensions arise when the workforce includes increasing numbers of
employees hired under new contractual arrangements? What challenges are
created for organizational learning and human resource development? How
would team building change if the team members are transients? Is there
still a corporate culture when a majority of the workforce is temporary?

Drawing on the work of William Bridges and others, Joanne Gainen will
facilitate an inquiry on the implications of the "jobless society" for OD
and learning organizations.

To contribute to the dialogue, please send your observations about the
current status of the "jobless society" in the organizations you see.
Address comments to <>.

Joanne Gainen, Ph.D., is a principal with MTD & associates, specializing
in the use of 360-degree feedback for team development, communication
enhancement, and performance improvement. Trained as a cognitive
psychologist, she has practiced professional and organizational
development for over 15 years.

FROM: Joanne Gainen

For Silicon Valley/Bay Area "locals":
Meeting Information:

To: SBODN Member
From: Jerry Talley <>
Subject: SOUTH BAY OD NETWORK April Meeting

DATE: April 1st (no joke)
TIME: 5:30 Snacks, 6-7pm Talk
PROGRAM: "The Jobless Society"
FACILITATOR: Joanne Gainen
WHERE: 3Com Corporation at 5440 Bayfront Plaza.

FROM THE NORTH: Take 101 to 237 toward Milpitas. Turn south onto Great
America Parkway, then right at Old Mtn View Rd.

FROM THE SOUTH: Take 101 to Great America Parkway. Go north and turn left
onto Old Mtn View Rd.

THEN, Turn right into 5440 and park in front of Bldg 200 on your right.
Enter the Lobby of 200 and look for your host.

Cost: $1 (to defray cost of refreshments)


Joanne Gainen

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