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Fri, 15 Mar 1996 15:54:30 CST6CDT

The Center for the Study of Work Teams invites proposals for
presentations at its seventh annual International Conference on Work
Teams. The conference will be in Dallas, September 18-20, 1996.
Authors of accepted presentations are asked to publish a 10-15 page
(double-spaced) version in the conference Proceedings. Presentations
last around 75 minutes and a format that facilitates audience
participation and interaction is strongly recommended. Conference
attendees numbers 1,065 last year and are primarily from the business

Papers should be in narrative form (not copies of overhead
transparencies). Any topic relevant to work teams is acceptable.
Send four copies and a copy on disk (Wordperfect for DOS or windows
is preferred). Preferred formatt is American Psychological
Association manuscript guidelines 4th edition. For questions about
formatt call Melanie Bullock at 817-565-2198. For questions about
content call Mike Beyerlein or Kathy Belcher at 817-565-3096.

Please mail your submission by April 1, 1996 to

Charla Friday
Center for the Study of Work Teams
University of North Texas
P.O. Box 13587
Denton, TX 76203

For information about the Center for the Study of Work Teams see our
Web page at

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