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12 Mar 96 18:13:51 EST

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If Price asks, "So how do we create societies in which it is in the
interests of the phylum Corporation to act in our interest as well as its

It's a great question. It assumes that we a) have a common interest, and
b) that wer know what it is, and c) therefore a corporation can also
easily know what that common interest is.

All our recent history says that for many issues -- defense, social
wlefare, retirement, health care, training, unemployment protection, and
so on -- none of a, b, or c hold. Now what should a corporation do?

By the way, are we talking about a town? A city? A hospital? A public
radio station? A political action committee? The United Way? These are
all corporations. We probably really mean profit-making companies, many
of which are not corporations. For example, accounting firms,
consultants, and lawyers are generally partnerships, not corporations.
Are they, as partnerships, exempt from the possibility of being unethical
or doing something illegal? I doubt it.


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