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Ford & Smithsonian Win
George Land World Class Innovator Awards

Santa Barbara, CA - March 11, 1996 -- The Innovative Thinking Network
(ITN) announced today that two organizations have won the prestigious
George Land World Class Innovator award for their outstanding efforts
to increase innovation in their organizations.

The winners are the Ford MP&L Team Learning and Creativity Center and
the Smithsonian Institute's Office of Finance and Administration.
Awards were presented at the closing ceremonies of "Convergence 96:
Innovation -- the Next Leap!" Accepting for the Smithsonian was Nancy
Suttenfield, Assistant Secretary and Jack Johnson, Quality Coordinator;
accepting for Ford was Rick Gutherie, Supervisor of the Team Learning
and Creativity Center.

This award was created to recognize innovation and creativity in
organizations and was named in honor of George Land, CEO of Leadership
2000, author of "Grow or Die" and co-author of "Breakpoint and Beyond,"
who has been helping organizations become more innovative for over 30

Winners were presented with a glass sculpture, specially designed by
internationally renowned glass artist Latchezar Boyadjiev, whose work
was recently acquired for permanent display at the White House. Winners
will also be allowed to display a special award logo in recognition of
their efforts.

The award was established by ITN, an international, professional
association of business leaders dedicated to helping organizations become
more productive through the powerful use of innovation and creativity.
Judging for the award is based upon the organization's description of its
broad-based innovation initiative, in-depth response to specific
questions related to the organization's environment, vision and training
efforts as well as recommendations from customers and suppliers.

Modified application packages of the winners are available for other
companies as a guide to creating their own innovation initiatives.
Applications for the 1997 awards are now being accepted and information
can be obtained by calling ITN at 805-965-8477, e-mailing or through the ITN website:

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