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Thu, 7 Mar 1996 19:11:04 -0800

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If Price [and Ray Shaw] wrote in LO5912


>Hence I offer that the power and potential of the Learning Organisation
>movement may, paradoxically, be that we are not stuck with what it is but
>allow it to be a context in which diversity of conversation and diversity
>of future can be created.

Diversity rules, OK.

This diversity is well illustrated in the postings to this list. The
diversity keeps the threads interesting and stimulating, otherwise it
would be a long didactic monologue by LO-philes.

By being observers of the observer (history of conversations) that we are,
we can begin to distinguish the disclosive spaces behind the postings and
try to "listen" for the mental models that frame them. Thus we learn from
others' histories and can invent futures that incorporate of paths laid
down by others.

"Everything said is said by someone" - Maturana& Varela


Roberto Reichard

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