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Sorry it took so long to respond.
[Host's Note: Rose is following up her own msg at my request. I asked her
to say a little more about the model she mentioned in LO5873... ]

>A company called Novations believes that they I identified the
>competencies ofpeople who continue to learn and succeed. They have
>developed a four stage model. They believe the people who succeed are
>in stage 3 - contributing through others and stage 4 leading through
>vision. This model discribes competencies one has in each stage rather
>than a "personality type".

Novations has done 20 years of research to determine why there is a
negative correlation between age and perceived value (the older an
employee is the less they are percieved to be valuable.) Yet there are
many people who perceived value increase with age. They researched the
competencies of these people and used this to develop their model.
Novations has determined that there are four stages in one can operate
from as an employee. Stage One is the learning stage. Stage Two is
Independence - technical expertise is achieved. Stage Three is helping to
share your expertise in your organization. Stage Four you use their
expertise to CHANGE the organization.

Novations believes that the research shows that most people will not
continue to be perceived as valuable to an organization if all they offer
is technical expertise. The model supports the concept that continuous
improvement is necessary in today's business world. The specifics of what
is defined in each stage depends on the mission and stragetic plan of an

Novations has a home page that explains more of their model.
I will not be sending seperate responses to those who asked for it. I hope
this is enough information. I am willing to answer questions about how this is
working in my agency.

Novations can be reached at 801.375.7525. They are very willing to talk to
anyone. Ron Cutadine is my contact and would be willing to talk to anyone
who wants information from the direct source.

My agency is using them to develop a competency based personnel system. We
have been very pleased with their work and their ability to make the model
fit the needs and culture of this agency.


Rose Wentz The Casey Family Program 206.282.7300

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